2013 Economic Thinking Programs


• 1, Boston area. 1-3:30 pm (Flyer)

• 2, Univ. of Houston Economic Engagment talks for Houston Urban Debate League (event page) (NFL economic engagment 9-page study guide, pdf)

• 9, UIL, Sam Houston State Univ., Huntsville, TX

• 22 Irvington-on-Hudson, New York (NCFCA) Flyer

• 23 FEE Round Robin, John Fund invited speaker.

--- Past Economic Thinking Workshops 2013

• June 17 Irvine, TX MNR (Stoa) - Flyer (pdf)


• July 2-4, Ethos Debate camp, Fairfax, VA (guest speaker)

• July 16, IPS Forensics Academy, Modesto (guest speaker)

• July 17, Independent Inst. Seminar, UC-Berkeley (guest speaker)

• July 18-20 Ethos at Patrick Henry debate camp (guest speaker)

• July 23-25, Independent Inst. Seminar, Oakland (guest speaker)

• July 24, Response Debate Club, Hayward, CA


• August 1, Santa Clara Univ. Debate (NFL) (guest speaker)

• August 2-4, National Federation Debate Topic Selection Meeting, Portland, Oregon

• August 5, Puget Sound Debate Camp, Shoreline, WA

• August 6, or 7, Tracy debate camp

• August 20, Rainmaker Debate camp, Portland, OR

• Sept. 9, Bastiat Society, Wichita

• Sept. 10, Demo. Debate comments, Kansas State Fair.

• Sept. 13, Irving, TX ET Workshop (Stoa) Flyer

• Sept. 13, Denton, Texas ET Workshop (NCFCA) Flyer

• Sept. 14, UIL Speech and Debate, UT-Arlington (NFL/UIL topics) 9 am to 1:30 pm

• Sept. 19, Baton Rouge ET Workshop (NCFCA) Flyer

• Sept. 20, Houston/Magnolia ET Workshop, (NCFCA) Flyer

• Sept. 23, Morgantown, PA ET Workshop (NCFCA) Flyer

• Sept. 24, Mt Laurel, NJ, ET Wrkshop (NCFCA-LD) Flyer

• Sept. 27, New Braunfels ET Workshop (Stoa) Flyer

• Sept. 28 UIL Texas Tech, Lubbock, TX (NFL/UIL topics)

• Sept. 30-Oct. 3, Mackinac Center Debate Workshops Speakers. Locations.


• Oct. 1-3, Mackinac Center Debate Workshops

• Oct. 4, Austin, Texas ET Workshop (NCFCA) Flyer

• Oct. 5, UIL Speech and Debate, UT-Austin (NFL/UIL)

• Oct. 23, Newport Beach, CA ET Workshop (Stoa) Flyer

• Oct. 25, Huntsville, Alabama ET Workshop (Stoa) Flyer

• Oct. 26, Atlanta, GA ET Workshop (Stoa) Flyer

Add Economics
to Speech and Debate...

Economic Thinking programs and publications can help integrate economic principles and analysis into speech and debate clubs, classes, and summer debate camps.

Since 2002, over five thousand homeschool debate students have attended Economic Thinking (and FEE) workshops, seminars, and summer debate camps.

Students and parents attending Economic Thinking programs learn about "the seen and the unseen" behind current and proposed affirmative cases. The same "economics of public choice" that can help debaters build stronger cases also apply to current public policy debates. Much of modern economics has been hijacked by advocates of expanded state control of the economy (i.e. most of standard macroeconomics). Government classes, much like competitive debate, have students develop and advocate new legislation. But legislation without rule of law foundations and economic understanding is often just another avenue of state control (which most homeschoolers should be keen to avoid).

These same economic freedom principles apply to economic history and international affairs. See, for example, William Easterly's fascinating article on the impoverishing results of hundreds of billions of foriegn aid dollars spent on top-down development schemes: The Ideology of Deveopment.

Economic Thinking offers homeschool students and clubs a range of economic education programs:

• One-day Economic Thinking Workshops (in-person or online),
• Weekend Economic Thinking Seminars,
• Economic Thinking course for homeschool debate camps,
Economics in a Box, a 16-week course with readings, videos, and day-by-day
coursework. www.EconomicsInABox.com
• Earn revenue teaching economics to local homeschool audiences.
• For More Information: Call or email Greg Rehmke (email on flyer, click for larger version) www.EconomicThinking.org/homeschool



• Economics in a Box (see right column)

2012-13 Economic Thinking workshops (last debate season...)

• September 7, Denton, TX, UN Reform - Flyer (pdf)
• Sept. 11, K-State Fair, Transportation

• Sept. 20, Southlake, TX, Military Policy - Flyer (pdf)
• Sept. 21, Magnolia, TX, UN Reform - Flyer (pdf)
• Sept. 22, Corpus Christi, Transportation

• Sept. 26, New Braunfels, TX, Military Pol. - Flyer (pdf)
• Sept. 29, Austin, TX UIL at UT, Transport.

October 1-4, Mackinac Center Workshops, Transportation
• Oct. 5, Racine, WI, UN Reform - Flyer (pdf) - Online registration
• Oct. 6, Chicago, Foreign/Military Policy - Flyer (pdf) - Online registration

• Oct. 12, Irvington, NY (at FEE), UN Reform - Flyer (pdf) - Online registration.

• Oct. 19 Newport Beach, CA, Foreign/Military policy - Flyer(pdf) - Online registration
• Oct. 22, Huntsville, AL, Economic Freedom/M.P.- Flyer (Pdf) - Online registration

• Oct. 26, Austin, TX, UN Reform hosted by ARC - Flyer (pdf)

• Oct. 29, Portland, Oregon, U.N. reform/abolish - Flyer (pdf)

• November 1, NYC Junto, 8pm

• November 3, Jefferson City, MO, Foreign/Military Policy - Flyer (pdf)
• Nov. 5, Morgantown, PA, UN Reform - Flyer (pdf)
• Nov. 10, Beaverton, OR, SS/Medicare reform - Flyer (pdf)

• Nov. 15, Sequim, WA, SS/Medicare reform - Flyer (pdf)

• Dec. 6, Irvington, NY (FEE), U.N. reform - Flyer (pdf)

• January 11, Biloxi, Mississippi (Flyer-pdf)


Homeschool Debate Series

features Mike and Mary Winther of Modesto Debate and the Institute for Principle Studies. Examples are used from the 2005-2006 Medical debate topic.

winther debate winther debate winther debate

  • Disk One: Stock Issues & Research
  • Disk Two: Evidence and Building the Affirmative Case
  • Disk Three: Cross-Examination, Topicality, and Inherency

Economics in a Box... A complete 16-week Curriculum

Economics Curriculum

A Complete 1-Semester Economics Course for Homeschool Students. Economics just may become the most exciting and relevent course your high school student ever takes!

"Economics is not about things, tangible material objects; it is about men, their meaning and actions."
Ludwig Von Mises