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Energy and Light

Alternative Energy page • Institute for Energy Research •

The amazing story of how technology is replentishing and expanding Earth’s supply of natural resources… (link to January 2001 Atlantic Monthly),


Great mambo chicken and the transhuman condition (strange technology dept.), Martian Chronicle: From Earth to Mars…Prospects for Space Tourism, Take a tour with Interglobal Space Lines…, Can only governments get us into space? See John Jewkes, Sources of InventionThe Starship Private EnterpriseFrontiers: Last, Lost, and Found, A Space Pyramid?

Plains, Trains, & Automobiles

Airplanes: Govt.-backed Langley vs. Wright Brothers. Aircars: Paul Moller’s Skycar. Airships: The Great Airship Race (the R100 vs. R101), Automobiles: Economics and American History: For and Against Preston Tucker: The Man and His DreamPaul Moller’s Skycar. Steamships: Vanderbilt & Collins Race the AtlanticNew American Industrial Policy

Tech: Good or Bad

Are Synthetic Chemicals Bad? Tech page: Technology: Good, Bad Or…? UIL Spring 2001 LD debate topic: “Resolved: Increased reliance on technology undermines the quality of life in America.” Click here for page of research links on UIL technology topic, Technology and HappinessToo Much Entertainment Technology? Essay on UIL Technology topic

Privacy Technology

New! NCPA Privacy & Technology studyThe Reinvention of Privacy: It used to be that business and technology were considered the enemies of privacy. Not anymore. (Atlantic Monthly cover story)

Texas World!

Too many people on Earth? Perhaps they would all be better off in Texas..., 5,999,999,999 and Counting


A look at the “Frankenfoods Frenzy” (Reason Online)

Medical Technology

The stressful story of discovering the cause of ulcers (illustrated!), FDA and new medical device technology: Anti-FDA Cato StudyPro-FDA page from FDA,

Sources of Invention

Entrepreneurial Sources of Invention (lecture notes) Full text of John Jewkes essay, “The Sources of Invention” from Essays on Liberty, Vol IV.

Environmental Technology

Articles on environmental issuesJulian Simon pageEconomics of Renewable Energy, New!Alaska oil fields and caribou

Antitrust & Monopoly

FEE Student Seminar: Is Antitrust Anticompetitve? Seattle April 20-21Breaking Up AntitrustThe Failure of Antitrust PolicyUnions and AntitrustThe Ghost of RockefellerThe Rhetoric of AntitrustThe Butter Monopoly?Microsoft and ConsumersMerger Policy Fails Hi-Tech TestThe Irresistible Force of Market Competition“Lock-in” theory is dead wrongBarbarians at Bill GatesPhilosophy Behind Microsoft Trial

Airships & Oceans

Airships: Capitalism vs. Socialism in The Great Airship Race, The Baron’s Big Balloon: A German aristocrat-businessman is relaunching the age of the airship, armed with millions in the bank and a team of crack engineers. Can superblimps rise again? (Wired article).Airships: A brief historyBuild your own (small) airship.

Ocean enterprises: Welcome to Oceania! Dealing with an iron-poor ocean, “Give me a half-tanker of iron, and I’ll give you an ice age” (Scientific American “Fertilizing the Sea” article), Fishing for Markets Regulation and Ocean Farming (Cato Institute article)

Technology & Freedom page

The Sources of Invention by John Jewkes

Technology and Happiness

Too Much Entertainment Technology?

Great mambo chicken and the transhuman condition (strange technology dept.)


Economic Thinkings Environment page

Living Machines Tackle River Pollution (

Making Environmental Trade-Offs by Doug Bandow

Harvard CID Economics and Malaria page

 Click to go to John Tierney’s Martian Chronicle article. The Future and Its Enemies by Virginia Postrel

Book order information (Laissez Faire Books)

The AtlanticAmazing story of technology replentishing and expanding Earth’s supply of natural resources…Jan. 2001 Atlantic Monthly

Reason Magazine 
John Tierney’s Martian Chronical article in Reason Magazine.

Future and Enemies The Future and Its Enemies, by Virginia Postrel