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US/China Engaging in Nationalist Policies

Opposition to globalization has expanded and energized in the U.S. by both the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump campaigns. “Globalization” sounds unappealing, like throwing goods and traditions from around the world in a blender and chopping them up. Consumers appreciate lower...


US/China Farm Wars [NCPA Debate Central post]

Bagoly mondja verébnek, hogy nagyfejű. (English version: “Pot calling the kettle black.” Many other cultures here. ) In “United States Challenges Excessive Chinese Support for Rice, Wheat, and Corn” (September, 2016), the Office of...

U.S./China Natural Gas Trade for Cleaner Skies 0

U.S./China Natural Gas Trade for Cleaner Skies

[Full post in Cross-Examination at NCPA Debate Central] China’s government is struggling to halt industrial and automobile pollution, even inspecting barbeques. Heavy winter smog in Beijing and other Chinese cities is ugly and causes...