Advocating Limits on Freedom

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  1. Beth Traw says:

    Hello, I am involved in NCFCA debate. I am wanting to build a negative case based on your third way of addressing the resolution "leaving the government out entirely". Do you think that equally valuing both Economic equity and Economic freedom could mean:

    -Government's job is to (value) support/protect economic freedom
    -Government should encourage charity by tax deductible options

    -It is the peoples job to (value) promote economic equity through giving to the poor (charity)

    So basically, the world should equally value economic freedom and equity by Government valuing Freedom and the People valuing Equity.

    Are there any pieces of advice, or comments you could give me on that idea? Thanks so much!

    • Good questions! The legal system is key to protecting people from force and fraud, and to assist in enforcing contracts. Maybe you could argue that some take advantage of economic freedom to deceive others with "get rich quick" schemes (as so many spam emails offer, along with late night TV and radio advertisements). These fraudsters take economic advantage of the gullible, draining their savings and often putting them deep in debt. (The current debate over Herbalife, for example.) I'll post more on this idea.

      Giving to charity can contribute to dependency, though charities try to find ways to reduce this side-effect. Here is a nice John Stossel segment on a NYC welfare agency working to reduce dependence:

      So maybe the efforts for equity could be divided between government looking out for fraud and civil society institutions working to help those disadvantaged to join the workforce and develop healthy habits of saving and thrift.

  2. Beth Traw says:

    Thank you so much for your help! I took your advice and wrote a whole case on this philosophy; however I think that your previous post ("thinking negative") would be an even stronger idea to use.

    Wow, this is such a great resource!!! Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

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