Wal-Mart Not Only Undermines Small Towns…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Wal*Mart isn’t all that scary. I work at Wal*Mart myself, started last August, and they pay me more than I’ve EVER made at ANY other low wage type job (which seems to be about the only thing a guy with an AA degree can get). I’m still looking for a better job of course, but Wal*Mart provides a nice intermediary that pays better than all the other easy options, plus they have different classes of “full time”, so even if you only work 30 hours a week you’re often still in the “full time” bracket and you qualify for benefits, which is quite nice. There’s also a REALLY awesome stock matching program, which is basically free money and a good way to start a retirement fund. 401k plans, 10% off merchandise card, paid vacations, I’m tellin ya, sure the hell beats working at DQ or Shopko or any other low-wage service store.

    We have a lot of Amish come to our store too. We don’t have horse and buggy stalls (although they could use the side lot if they wanted to), most come by bus or have someone drive them (apparently this is an okay practice).

    They mostly buy simple grocery stuff, fabric and what not. It’s not like they’re buying computers or anything. Most people don’t even really take notice of them, it’s all just very…usual, nothing out of the ordinary.

    I am convinced though that anyone who says anything bad about Wal*Mart must have REALLY good medical coverage as far as prescriptions. Cause I gotta tell ya, if you don’t have medical insurance and you’re faced with the option of eating or buying medicine…well Wal*Mart’s the only place you can go that’ll let you have both. We’ve got the $4 prescription plan for anyone who doesn’t have insurance (and even for people who have insurance who say they don’t). I take Tramadol for back pain and before Wal*Mart started their $4 plan I was paying around $100 a month in prescriptions…now I only pay about $8 total a month.

    Wal*Mart also provides itself as a means for the “little guy” to compete. Basically ANYONE can come to any Wal*Mart, present themselves as a vendor and ask for retail space…and so long as they can keep their shelf(s) stocked we’ll rent space to ’em. This is nice because even a local person who makes a product can have a store to sell it in and they get the HUGE benefit of the daily Wal*Mart traffic.

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