Don’t Wrap the Veggies and Don’t Hector the Villagers

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  1. [email from Monique Maddy]

    Hi Greg:

    Thanks for the e-mails, one of which (the one on Metro) I read with great interest, the other, with my usual disgust for anything even remotely connected with Jeffrey Sachs. As for the NYT article, all I can say is Jeffrey Sachs (in my opinion Africa’s most significant roadblock to economic growth) should read a page from Julius Nyerere’s grandiose Uhuru
    village development project, rather than sink even more money into his grandiose village development scheme which to me wreaks more of socialism than anything else. Speaking of Sachs, I have attached a letter that I wrote to Time Magazine about the cover that they did for Jeffrey Sach’s recent book on how to eradicate poverty in the world. Feel free to share
    it with anyone!
    – email from Monique Maddy, author of Learning to Love Africa: My Journey from Africa to Harvard Business School and Back

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